Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber Awards 2013

This year, Layer3 was nominated for an innovation award at the Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards for our Cloud Office cloud service. This was a great honour.

In November 2012, the Layer3 team and I started planning our own New Zealand based cloud infrastructure. We decided to build our own cloud as there is a gap in the New Zealand market for these services. Using our services means New Zealand businesses can enjoy local support and their important data stays here in New zealand.

The problem with reselling another cloud providers services is that you are bound to those services they offer. There is very little you can customise and change for your customers. Also supporting overseas cloud solutions can be time consuming for the customer when a problem urgently needs to be fixed. We wanted to be able to deliver a  new  services that is customised to meet our customers needs. This has worked in our favor, with our Cloud Office service, and our newest service, Filecloud.

Filecloud is a Dropbox alternative that is hosted on our cloud infrastructure. The main benefit is that it allows customers to keep their data here in New Zealand. If we did not have our own cloud infrastructure, this would not be possible.

Unfortunality we didn’t win, but we all had a fantastic night. We would like to give a big thanks to all our customers who have made this possible.

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