Filecloud 2.5 – Selective Sync

Layer3 is proud to announce the availability of the latest version of Filecloud, 2.5.0.

One of the biggest improvements is the introduction of selective sync.

Selective Sync

To understand selective sync, you need to understand why file sync is a good thing — and when it can become too much of a good thing.

Anyone who shared files before can understand why file sync has been so successful. Files were (and often still are) shared by email, disc or zip drive, then downloaded, saved and edited locally and shared again, leaving confusing, risky, insecure versions of critical documents strewn across inboxes, folders and drives on various devices, a debilitating inefficiency and a security nightmare all at once.

File sync improved our lives by syncing local files and folders automatically across different locations and devices. Thanks to file sync, sharing files and folders with select coworkers, friends and family is a cinch.

But the blessing of having all your data available on every device you own can also turn into a curse. When a large amount of data that a user doesn’t need locally is synced down to a local machine, space, bandwidth, and processing power are all unnecessarily consumed. While shares and permissions could always be fine-tuned administratively in Filecloud to mitigate this embarrassment of riches, what was needed was a simple way for individual users to go in and select which files and folders sync back to their local machines and which do not.

With the latest version of Filecloud, individual users can now choose which content is synced to their local machines, right down to the subfolder and personal folder level. Selective Sync allows users to easily prioritize important content, while still being able to access all of their data stored in the cloud using the web portal.

To change your sync options, right click on the Filecloud icon and select properties. Select Advanced and then click selective sync.


Other fixes include:

  • Conflicts will now show on the Filecloud tray icon
  • Faster Lan Sync transfers
  • Sync queue now allows you to prioritize which files/folders sync first

In order to upgrade to the latest version, you don’t need to do a thing. Filecloud will automatically download and install the latest version for you.

For more information, or to take Filecloud for a trial, please contact Layer3

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