Microsoft 0-Day Exploits

On Tuesday 12th April (US time) Microsoft had identified a security breach within their Microsoft Office Suites.  Microsoft has acted quickly and have rolled out a batch of updates that plug the security holes. This type of attack is known as zero-day exploits and are often attempted by hackers before or on the day that updated are released to the public. The hacker attempts to install malware on fully patched computers. It does so by exploiting a vulnerability in most or all versions of Microsoft Word. Zero-day attacks are a severe threat.

The security of our customer’s networks is our top priority. We have acted quickly; the Microsoft updates have been applied last night.

You may have been prompted by Microsoft to update this morning, please ignore this message and restart your device. If in doubt, please save your work and restart your device.

Our spam filter was also updated to detect these vulnerabilities within the email to stop these threats at the border.

If you have any questions, please email support.

Reference: CVE-2017-0210

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