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Unplanned: mx2.spameater.co.nz spam release – Resolved

*Risk / Impact* NA *Reason* NA *Description / Impact Expected* At 3pm, on the 2nd of December 2016, mx2.spameater.co.nz released its queue of spam related email due to a network issue affecting its ability to contact the Layer3 quarantine server. *Duration* 3pm-5pm *Services Affected* Premium Spam Filtering *Resolution* A temporary fix has been put in […]

Planned: Filecloud Outage 14/06/2016 10PM

*Risk / Impact* Low *Reason* We will be performing a resource upgrade on Filecloud services *Description / Impact Expected* Filecloud will be out of service for 15 minutes while Filecloud services are shut down and upgraded. Any changes made to files during this time will sync once the service returns to normal. Additional Notes: None […]

Unplanned: mx1.spameater.co.nz outage – Resolved

*Risk / Impact* High *Reason* At 7:58am, our primary spam filter piranha/mx1 stopped processing email. *Description / Impact Expected* Due to a firewall DDos rule, traffic was halted on the primary spam filter due to a large influx of traffic. The DDos rules prevented additional connections being accepted. Mail should have been automatically delivered to […]

Planned: Internet outages 10th May – 14th May

*Risk / Impact* High *Reason* Our upstream provider will be performing extensive network maintenance (Software Upgrades) to various parts of their network *Description / Impact Expected* Please be advised that all Internet and data services within New Zealand will be impacted during the outage windows. There may be several outages each night until work is […]

Cloud Office Maintenance

At 10pm tonight (19/02/2016) we will be applying a patch to fix performance issues experienced on our Cloud Office platform. Servers will be rebooted after this has taken place. The outage should be no longer than 15 minutes. We highly recommend you follow our Facebook page and Twitter account as we update these often with maintenance information.