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Collection #1 - The biggest data breach of all time


Hayden Kirk

Collection #1 - The biggest data breach of all time

Over the last few days, the biggest data breach of all time has come to light.

Collection #1 appears to be a set of information from a number of breaches. This information was being freely passed around on public forums.

The file contains 1,160,253,228 unique email addresses and password combinations. This amount of data surpasses that of the Yahoo breach (next biggest).

It is very easy for hackers to use this information to perform automated attacks. You may have already received an email last year in which the email contained a previous password you used at some point in time. This email was to scare you into sending bitcoin to an address in order to stop your search history being leaked (implying you were looking at ‘dodgy’ sites). I expect much more of this to come over the next few weeks/months.

If you wish to check your email address to see if it is in a list of hacked email addresses, you can visit If you wish to see if your password has been leaked in any of these breaches visit the sub site here

It is very important that everyone uses a unique password for each service they use. For instance, if you have a Hotmail account and use Office 365 at work, ensure the passwords are different. If you have trouble remember all these passwords, use a password manager such as lastpass.

If you haven’t changed your password in the last 6 months, do so now.

Security can be further improved by using two factor authentication (2FA). If you wish to know more, contact us.