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Layer3 manages the I.T. environment for organisations and businesses large and small, across New Zealand. We maintain and host countless operating systems and support thousands of users.

Our consultants design innovative I.T. strategies and solutions, as our service team engineers not only keep all systems running smoothly, but maintain documentation, advise on strategy and implement new projects. All on a daily basis. This isn’t work that takes more manpower. It takes brain power. It takes vision. It takes a team.

It takes Layer3.

Hi, I'm Hayden,

“If I’m not innovating I.T. strategy, it’s because I’m sleeping.”

I founded Layer3 in 2005 with $150 in my pocket and a big idea. I knew that I.T. could be done better. I didn’t start Layer3 just to be in business. I wanted to innovate, and that principle has guided us at every crossroads. If you don’t innovate, you get left behind.

When I became one of the first service providers to offer an ’all you can eat’ service plan, people told me I was crazy. Now businesses are crazy if they don’t have a managed services plan. I then launched our own Layer3private cloud, I was told no one would trust us. Well, trust is earned, and we earned it.

Now we’re pushing I.T. forward again with our new strategy as a service model. Our message is simple but innovative: If you’re only focused on support, then you’re only focused on problems. I want our clients to focus on strategy and possibilities.

I also have the honour to serve on the Boards of Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce and Technology Valley.


Hi, I'm Daniel,
Sales & Communications Manager

“If you think I.T. is boring, you haven’t had a coffee with me.”

I’ve built up a wealth of experience in the New Zealand IT, Internet and voice industries, and have been able to work with clients from start-ups tothe highest levels of enterprise and government.

I'm full of energy and I love speaking with people. Whether it's over a coffee, in a boardroom or in front of an audience - it's all about engagement...and shaping that engagement into something exciting and productive.

I.T. can and should be exciting because it brings people together, sets the stage for collaboration, pushes better productivity, encourages creativity and 'the future is now' thinking. I believe that if you give your staff a modern platform and with a focused strategy to work from, you will empower them to work without limits.

Then just watch what happens. Spoiler alert: good stuff happens.

By adding some colour and shape to the technology platform we have an opportunity to create for you, I will try to bring the process to life and make sure you are leading with your tech instead of carrying it along.


Hi, I'm Summer,
Office Manager

“Everything runs nice and smooth under my watch.”

I came on board with Layer3 in 2011 and progressed into the role of OfficeManager. Layer3 is made up of many moving parts and I keep an eye on all of them. Service desk, accounts, administration, business planning, staff, schedules, suppliers...they all need to be running smoothly for Layer3 to be the well-oiled machine that it is.

What I enjoy most about working in the I.T. industry is that it’s always changing with new and exciting technologies. I’m constantly learning and evolving in my role. It’s inspiring to be sitting right in the centre of such fast change and to watch the Layer3 help bring innovation to our clients.

Have you heard the phrase, “It takes a village?” Well, I.T. takes a team and I’m proud to part of the best team in the game.


Hi, I'm Dimal,
Service Delivery Manager

“I eat service tickets for breakfast.”

I’ve been with Layer3 since 2014 and my responsibilities have grown with the company. My job is to make sure the service team is constantly creating an environment where our clients don’t ever need to waste energy worrying about I.T. issues.

When there is an issue, our team takes it apart. And we do it in a timely manner. That takes careful organisation, so it’s up to me to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole service team. I.T. can be a tricky. Issues often look like one thing when really, it’s something else. They are like weeds – if you don’t pull them out at the roots, they will just come back.

So, my golden rule is “No assumptions.”

I never assume a problem is gone until we know what caused it. I never assume everything is in order until I see it with my own eyes. I never assume there is nothing left to do in the day because there always is.