Cuttriss New Zealand

Cuttriss consultants have been providing surveying, civil engineering, and planning services to the Wellington region for over 70 years. In recent times, their team had been stretched with a flood of large land development projects on top of their traditional ‘bread and butter’ work.

The last thing they needed was their IT and phone systems breaking down – but that’s what was happening. They engaged one service company, but it still involved staff with old re-built PCs. It was a frustrating struggle, but Jan Bell, office manager, says Layer3 came along at an opportune time…

Problems Fixed Properly and New Potential Seen

“We just expected a reliable system and someone to call on to fix problems, but Daniel came in and opened up new possibilities to us. I’m not IT-savvy, and it’s a big deal just turning my PC on! But he talked through the issues in layperson’s terms so we could understand and get a bigger vision of what could be achieved.”

Serious Trouble Averted

“We told Daniel about our software not working and the staff downtime that hit our bottom line hard. Every person had a different setup on their computer, so Layer3 standardised the setup across all users. They also fixed faults properly, whereas before we had ‘band-aids’ and recurring faults which got worse and worse. They also fixed our slow Internet access and intermittent phone problems.

The biggest rescue, though, was setting us up to work from home just in time for lockdown, otherwise we would’ve been in jeopardy with crippling productivity loss.”

The Challenge of Major New Software

“We wanted some new advanced data management software to improve the business. It was a big program, but Layer3 collaborated with a third-party supplier to find a server with enough grunt, and managed to integrate it seamlessly into our system.”

A Culture of Trust and Harmonious Relationships

“We have an affinity with Layer3’s values and culture. Like us, they seem to take care of their people, so staff stay there long term. Everybody is considered important, without hierarchy or big titles, and relationships just hum along.

There’s a good feeling that we can’t entirely put our finger on. We’ve been to social functions with them and they seemed very relaxed with each other and the directors. We believe a happy workplace makes for happy clients.”

Safe Hands and ‘Special’ Service

“We feel that Layer3 give us special attention and treat us with particular importance. They are a one-stop-shop for us with an ‘open door’ and single phone number. It’s great that whoever answers the phone knows what they’re talking about.

Layer3 aren’t the cheapest service provider out there, but in practice we have saved significant money because of their ultra-efficiency. There’s more to the equation than direct service costs, but also indirect costs like staff downtime.

We really feel that our IT system is in safe hands and we are very, very, happy with Layer3’s service”

We have an affinity with Layer3’s values and culture. Like us, they seem to take care of their people, so staff stay there long term
Jan Bell - Office Manager