Layer3 offers comprehensive IT support services tailored to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes across New Zealand. We provide a people-first IT management solution, focusing on strategy and user experience to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Full IT Management

Complete IT Management - IT for People.
Layer3 offers a comprehensive, people-first IT management solution focused on strategy and user experience.

Our Approach
We believe in empowering people with the right tools and support to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security. Our human-centred IT experience helps modern companies achieve their goals while keeping staff satisfied.

IT Portal
Our IT portal provides easy job logging, training resources, and useful knowledgebase items, ensuring seamless support and access to information.

vCIO Strategy Meetings
We align your business strategy with IT strategy through regular vCIO strategy meetings, ensuring your IT supports your business objectives.

More Than Just Computers
IT is more than just managing machines. It’s about enabling real people to do real things. We manage, support, and secure your users, data, and network, offering proactive solutions to drive your business forward.

Human Touch
Our goal is to help your team get their work done, not just fix things when they break. We add a human touch to IT support, ensuring a great experience for your employees and management team alike.

Our solution includes:

Strategy-as-a-service and dynamic IT roadmap

Quarterly vCIO consultation

Eyes on everything monitoring.

Comprehensive reporting & documentation, including a customised IT dashboard

Next-Gen managed security (EDR/SIEM/ZTNA/MXDR)

Multiple layers of user and network security

Network management

Identity management (2FA/SSO)

Onsite security seminars and collaboration workshops to keep your team protected and invested in their technology outcomes

Proactive/preventative maintenance & managed patching for unparalleled stability & consistency

Vendor engagement & collaboration

Service log review to develop comprehensive solutions to repetitive and complex issues

And of course, unlimited, expert support with robust SLAs and escalation routes

Support is the bottom layer of Layer3’s fully stacked service that delivers strategy, security, cloud, communications and best practice IT management.


Let Layer3 empower your IT team with the tools and experience to be the best


Layer3 offers bespoke solutions for customers with internal IT resources, enhancing your team with additional tools, management, and support where needed.

Tailored IT Support
Whether you need service desk support, infrastructure management, network or desktop resources, managed security, private cloud services, or strategic project work, Layer3 strengthens your IT environment effectively.

Integrated Tools and Support
We provide professional ticketing and documentation on a customised service board, alongside a bespoke IT dashboard, all integrated with our management and monitoring systems. Benefit from a monthly block of support hours backed by robust SLAs, used as your team sees fit.

Co-Management Features

Manage what you need managed

Get support how & when you need it

Shared service board for ticketing & documentation

Realtime IT dashboard for any monitored service

Equip your IT team with pro tools & resources

Apply SLAs on internal tickets as well your Layer3 requests


Keep your IT systems running at peak performance and manage your IT department more effectively with a professional Managed Service Provider platform. Powered by ConnectWise, a Layer3 Service Board provides the structure and functionality you need to run your IT department. Organize your team around a single system, enabling everyone to connect and communicate through a single pane of glass.

Managing your IT infrastructure is a challenging and sometimes thankless job. Even the most seasoned IT team struggles to stay on top of everything a modern IT infrastructure requires—security, backup, patch management, and routine maintenance - all while resolving a steady flow of user and system issues.

Service board features

Create a single flow of information from start to finish, keeping all team members in the loop

Gain control of your teams by implementing best practice processes within the system

Improve customer satisfaction by creating accountability for your team and supplying a better solution for customers to communicate with them

Automated Remote Management & Monitoring

Manage, monitor and help protect your users with an automated solution designed to instill consistency and stability across your fleet of computers. Layer3 will handle your patching, monitoring and endpoint security along with a remote support agent with all reporting and alerts feeding back into your Service Board for ticketing visibility and follow up.

Management & Monitoring features

Centralize and streamline notifications and ticketing for specific systems or services without the need for separate point solutions

Easy onboarding for any desktop device

Automation for scale and control of complex environments

Built-in deployment of patching and antivirus to protect and against threats

Monitoring the health of standard and critical hardware alike

Provide remote access support to your users

What can we do


All the tools and managed services you need to drive your business forward. Layer3 has 4 complimentary service stacks to deliver a full spectrum of technology solutions.