Network & Server Management

LAYER3 manages the IT environment for organisations and businesses large and small, across New Zealand. We maintain and host countless operating systems and support thousands of users.

Network & Server Management

Your network and servers are business critical, so we manage them as such. With next generation technology, comprehensive security and monitoring and a battle-hardened set of best practices, Layer3 will ensure get optimal performance from your physical and virtual infrastructure.

Firewall, switch and WiFi control






Performance management

Network Management
A network without management is an unsecure network.

Keeping your business moving starts with a reliable and secure network. Layer3 will provide you with scheduled firmware upgrades, updates to network configuration, switch configuration policy management, monitoring & alerts, troubleshooting and remediation, plus audit and assessment of your network infrastructure.

We will also fit you out with powerful FortiNet managed network devices provided as a monthly service including appliance and licensing rental with repair or replacement as required.

Managed Firewall

Managed WiFi

Managed Switches

Server Management
Layer will maintain, monitor, support and secure your infrastructure, including physical servers, virtual machines and cloud/hosted systems.

Our infrastructure management programme includes:

Remote Server Support. Remote configuration support for server host & VMs

Server Patching & Updates. Control centre for automated server/VM patching

Server Maintenance. Automated, preventative server maintenance tasks

Server Monitoring. 24/7 proactive server systems monitoring

UPS Monitoring. 24/7 proactive UPS device monitoring

Email Alerts. Email alerts for pre-defined monitoring points

Event ID Monitoring. Logged monitoring of customer-defined event ID codes

Change Management. Systematic change control system

Servers are a critical component of your infrastructure and their health and stability is paramount. As such, we will also track your server warranty periods and provide alerts as they reach their ‘end of life’, along with recommendations and options for next step action.

Network Connectivity
Layer3 can business Internet and IP WAN solutions right across New Zealand and Australia over a variety of connection options including corporate fibre, UFB fibre, Hyperfibre, VDSL and 4G.

Layer3 can deploy dual connections to most locations along with a SecurityX Gateway to ensure the automatic failover of traffic in the event the primary connection is down.

ConnectX WAN is the cost-effective managed IP WAN solution from Layer3. Built on a variety of premium fibre, UFB and VDSL tail circuits along with SecurityX Gateways, VPN architecture and failover options, ConnectX WAN provides a connectivity and network platform scoped to meet any level of requirements. It’s incredibly secure, dual purposed for Internet and inter-site connectivity.

All Layer3 Internet and WAN services include unlimited data, a static IPv4 address (IPv6 on request), monitoring and transparent SLAs.

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All the tools and managed services you need to drive your business forward. Layer3 has 4 complimentary service stacks to deliver a full spectrum of technology solutions.