Hybrid / Modern Workplace

LAYER3 manages the IT environment for organisations and businesses large and small, across New Zealand. We maintain and host countless operating systems and support thousands of users.

We Specialize in Modern Workplace & Hybrid Work.

The nature of work has changed. Layer3 will help empower your team with a modern, secure virtual environment.

This is a new way of working – a new normal. It is about services rather than systems and bringing together the latest tools for productivity and security, collaboration and consistency.

The modern workplace lets us manage and secure your work environment better than ever before even as we remove the walls that have traditionally been associated with these requirements.

In or out of the office, do more and do it better. Empower your staff with modern productivity tools that enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work experience and watch what happens.

Spoiler alert – good things happen.

The custom Modern Workplace experience includes:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams

Teams Rooms

Microsoft Viva




Power Automate

What can we do


All the tools and managed services you need to drive your business forward. Layer3 has 4 complimentary service stacks to deliver a full spectrum of technology solutions.