Layer3 University – Upskill Your Workforce

Daniel Bohan
Sales Manager

September 19, 2021

Layer3 is helping clients stay productive in lockdown with free upskilling and training in our L3 User Portal.

To help our clients stay productive and make the best of the new set of lockdowns, Layer3 is providing FREE access to our online training and upskilling content for 30 days.

Our innovative Layer3 Portal will also serve as a hub for upskilling your employees with a catalog of professional and custom training content on hand to go through on demand. Training videos are bite-sized and easy to digest.

Examples of upskill opportunities include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Essentials
  • Mastering Microsoft Teams
  • Windows 10 Essentials
  • Think before You Click (Cybersecurity)
  • Mastering Word 2019
  • Mastering PowerPoint
  • Delegation and Time Management
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • + Many More!

We can even add your own content on request and help you create training programs such as an employee onboarding course or an annual security and compliance course.

If you would like information on adding the L3 training library as a permanent resource for your team for just a few dollars a month per user, contact Layer3.

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