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  • Filecloud Stops Working After Windows 10 Upgrade

Note: This article has been superseded by the latest Filecloud updates. This is no longer an issue.

There have been issues reported that Filecloud does not work after upgrading to Windows 10. You may see a red cross across the Filecloud icon on the system tray Filecloud icon. To fix this issue, do the following:


  1. From your start menu, type Services
  2. Once the services window loads, locate Filecloud
    Filecloud service
  3. The service should say Running. If it is not, please start the service by clicking Run
  4. Once the service has started, you should see it in the Running state
  5. The Filecloud icon should now have a green tick 2016-06-02_16-00-15

If you continue to have issues after this process, please contact the Layer3 Helpdesk.

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