Backup; A Thing of the Past

If you are talking about backup, you’re living in the past.

The North Canterbury 7.8m earthquake on the 14th of November, 2016 was very reminiscent of the Christchurch earthquake of 2011.

Businesses in the South Island have been forced to close, with those in Kaikoura majorly affected, some irreparably so. Wellington did not escape either, of course. To date, over 50 tenancies in Wellington have been closed, which represents an astonishing 11% of the CBD.

On top of the November quake, Wellington was further hit with punishing rains and flooding in the subsequent days which severely inhibited accessibility in a number of areas and shut businesses down as staff were unable to get work.

Layer3 operates from two datacenters in Wellington and Auckland. Over the last four years, we have progressively moved the majority of our customers into some form of cloud computing, most notably, our Cloud Office platform which is hosted across that two datacenter environment. Cloud Office is what we call VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It allows you, the customer, to access your desktop, files, and applications from wherever you are. So on the Monday morning after the earthquake, while it was all hands on deck for Layer3, it was very refreshing to see no tickets in our queue, and all services up and running.

Many of our customers were affected in Wellington, of course,  with quite a few locked out of their buildings for 2-3 days. However, all of them were able to resume operations and work from home with full desktop services, as well as IP telephony services provided by our CloudPBX service.

So the days of having a backup, whether in the cloud or on – *gasp* – rotating portable hard drives is gone. When disaster strikes, your business needs to be able to function with little or no interruption. In light of this, businesses need to ask themselves a few poignant questions now. What good will the data in your backup system do for you if your business cannot operate in any productive manner to even make use of that data? What good is your new PABX system if no one can get into the building to answer the phones? How many days can your business survive without being operational?

Business continuity is key. Not backup. Build systems that allow you to work through a disaster, not ones that just let you hopefully reload some files after one.

For more information on how Layer3 can help you improve your IT continuity, give us a call at 0508 LAYER3.