Changes in Microsoft / Office 365 Pricing and Plans

Daniel Bohan
Sales Manager

June 15, 2022

As advised in previous announcements, Microsoft has implemented a change of terms and pricings on its suite of Microsoft 365 subscription called NCE (New Customer Experience).

After some fine tuning and delays, it has now been confirmed that the new commercial changes will take effect in July for any remaining customers.

As such, any client 365 subscriptions that come due from this point forward will by default, be automatically rolled over into the new flexible monthly pricing. You will also have an option to purchase a 12 month license in advance at a discount.

Microsoft NCE Pricing Table
Microsoft NCE Pricing Table

These price changes are not unexpected as it has been years since Microsoft last increased costs, and they have added a huge amount of new products and features into their plans, especially the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license, which Layer3 now uses as a minimum standard for managed services customers.

We know price increases are never fun, but we still believe that these Microsoft 365 products are the best available and actually give more value and benefit for the money than ever before. 365 has gone far beyond mere email and Office apps and has become an essential productivity management suite for the modern workplace.

These increases will be reflected on your July invoice or on your next invoice following the expiry of any current subscription term in place.

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