How Microsoft OneDrive improves the way you work

Daniel Bohan
Sales Manager

July 22, 2022

OneDrive for Business is an easy, secure way for your organisation to sync and store your files in one place. It’s the clear leader in this space – in fact, over 85 percent of the Fortune 500 use OneDrive.

However, there’s a difference between just having OneDrive and making good use of OneDrive.  There may be a lot more you could be doing with OneDrive to help modernize the way your business works.

Four ways to use OneDrive better.

1. Access files anywhere with ease

Store and access your files from any device via a web browser, mobile app, PC, or Mac with robust sync options. This includes your personal files and files shared with you in Microsoft 365 from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Using the intelligence of

Microsoft Graph, you can easily return to your recent files, files that have been shared with you, or recommended files based on your working relationships with others. These personalized recommendations can help you discover content you might not have been aware of—that’s a feature unique to OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

2. Share your work to maximize collaboration

Share files inside and outside your organization across the web, desktop, mobile, and directly in the Office apps. You can even securely share files with people who don’t have a Microsoft account using email verification to prove their identity. Modernize the way you send files via Outlook with modern attachments that include links to files rather than static copies. To maximize collaboration, try the co-authoring feature using Office Online, mobile apps, and desktop Office clients for Windows and Mac.

3. Stay connected with the mobile app

Create, view, edit, and share files on the go with the OneDrive mobile app. Easily capture whiteboards, scan documents for safekeeping, and annotate PDFs with the app’s built-in features. You can access your content on your iOS or Android device from virtually anywhere.

4. Protect your documents and data

Migrate your files to OneDrive with the push of a button with Known Folder Move. Protect your company data with advanced encryption, compliance, and other enterprise-grade security features. If you lose your device or are subject to a cyberattack, OneDrive has your back, allowing you to recover your files and minimize any loss of work.

Top OneDrive Features

Real-time collaboration
Co-author documents and presentations live
Connecting files to conversations
Collaborate seamlessly by sharing files in Teams
PDF annotation
Make notes or leave feedback to share with colleagues
Files On-Demand
Access all your files without having to download them
Known Folder Move
Move your content with a single click and gain anywhere access
Auditing and reporting
Track user and admin activities to mitigate risks and fulfil compliance
Secure external sharing
Send files safely and ensure total access for recipients
Data loss prevention
Identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information

User Adoption

Of course, you need to get your team using OneDrive in order to get any benefit from OneDrive.

User adoption is important to the overall success of any new application. Ideally, to feel that you have maximized your investment in Microsoft 365 and OneDrive, you need to maximize user engagement with them. For some businesses and organisations, driving user adoption requires a bit more planning and execution than just leaving staff to figure it out themselves.

Have a change champion who can take the lead. Develop a programme or bring in a trainer to show your team how to save and share documents in OneDrive, how it can integrate with other Office applications, etc. Describe to your team the importance of saving and/or syncing everything to the cloud for better file availability and how OneDrive will be set up to make files secure and accessible for all. Simply having this discussion with your staff beforehand, coupled with demonstrating the application’s ease of use, can really drive positive outcomes for this effort.

OneDrive Training Resources

Here are some training guides and resources for your OneDrive experience:

👉OneDrive Quick Start Guide

👉Upload and save files and folders to OneDrive.

👉Manage files and folders in OneDrive

👉Collaborate in OneDrive

👉Set up your OneDrive mobile apps

👉Work on the go with OneDrive

👉You can also check out OneDrive training videos and resources in the OneDrive Help Centre.

👉Want to learn more about protecting your files with OneDrive for Business? This whitepaper provides an overview of file security and compliance best practices for OneDrive for Business in Microsoft 365.

* Some content for this article has been sourced in part from Microsoft resources

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